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90 Mill Street, Nunda NY 14517

Hours of Operation

Starting Black Friday until New Years Day
4:30pm - Midnight (hours may vary). 

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100% of proceeds from our light show will be donated to the Nunda Police Department this year.

Caution & Safety

D'Amico's Christmas Light Show is all about fun and celebration. So we ask that you please respect and follow the rules listed below for the enjoyment and excitement of all.

  1. Please Do Not Touch any parts of the Display -- Doing so may cause injury to yourself or damage the lights/equipment.
  2. Please do not walk on the lawn as there are extension cords throughout the display.
  3. Please remain parked on one side (or vacant lot next to barn across the street) to eliminate traffic congestion.
  4. If you get out of your vehicle, please remain on the sidewalk or grass.
  5. During Rainy Weather, we may or may not run the light show and we strongly advise to watch the lights from your vehicle. Please check with us on Facebook for updates.
  6. During other inclement weather, we will most likely choose not to run the light show for several reasons:
    • I don't think anyone is comfortable sitting in a parked car when a snow plow comes barreling through
    • Clearance for Emergency Vehicles
    • Snow piling on the electrical parts of the display
    • Bad road conditions
    • And most importantly -- your safety !!!
  7. On the day(s) after a major snow storm, please check Facebook as the show may still not yet be back up and running. (All the Controllers are connected to GFCI Outlets that may be tripped during and after storms.)